Active Ageing

Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton offers a range of classes to help you keep fit and have fun at the same time!

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Active Ageing

 ‘Since I started coming, my life’s taken on a new lease. I’m getting fitter and have met lots of great new people.’

We offer a range of Active Ageing classes in our Sefton area. 

  • Tai Chi, walking, cycling and sit and keep fit classes to boost your physical and mental health
  • Suits all levels, from gentle to more vigorous exercise
  • Friendly and welcoming group session

Active Ageing

It is incredibly important to remain active and take exercise in later life. Older people who don’t do any exercise risk becoming unable to get up out of the chair, or unable to get out of bed in the morning; both of which can lead to being housebound and becoming isolated.  Exercise help your heart to keep strong and healthy, it keeps muscles toned meaning that getting out of a chair, getting dressed, getting out of bed are all possible to do without help. Even better, exercise releases natural endorphins in the brain. Endorphins make us feel happy and relaxed; so people who exercise are less prone to anxiety, depression and stress. Exercise doesn’t have to involve gyms and young, fit people in leotards. Keeping active can be as simple as doing the gardening, walking the dog or going dancing. It is easy, however as we get older to do less physical activity and give in to the pains and aches that many older people experience. Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton understands that it is hard to get the initial enthusiasm to engage in regular physical activity and so we developed our active ageing sessions to make it as easy, fun and sociable as possible.

We run a range of different active ageing sessions across Sefton each of which provides a friendly group to undertake a variety of health ageing activities.

Chair based exercise, tai-chi and keep-fit

These classes are available to suit older people of all fitness levels and a great bonus is the friendships people make and the laughs they have joining in with the group sessions.

To find out where your nearest active ageing  group is please call us on 0151 330 5678

Discover the joy of cycling with the “Chain Gang”

The Chain Gang is Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton’s cycling group. It’s a fun group which warmly welcomes new members, however you must be able to cycle 20+ miles as the Chain Gang usually cycles 20-30 miles each outing. Ifyou can cycle this distance then we would love to meet you. If not, then get practicing, we’ll wait!

The route of the trip, possible hazards, weather warnings and general health & safety guidelines are discussed before setting off on the ride so everyone knows what to expect and if it is within their ability to complete the ride.

If there are more than twelve riders the group leaders split the riders into manageable groups of six. They have a front and back rider in each group to keep all riders under close observation.

The Chain Gang cycle rides are on the first and third Thursdays of every month.

If we’ve inspired you to dust of the wheels and come out with us; then for more information call us on 0151 330 5678

The Active Strollers

In Sefton, Merseyside and Lancashire we are fortunate to have some beautiful and interesting landscapes which provide fabulous walking opportunities. Our Active Strollers walking group makes full use of the wonderful local scenic opportunities for gentle walking. Walking as a group is a simple and enjoyable way to keep fit and healthy and to make friends.

A typical Active Strollers group walk will be about 3 miles long and will take about 90 minutes at a gentle pace. We do, however, recognise that not everyone can manage this distance so all walks feature a 30 minute (1 mile) option. All walks have at least two Walk

Leaders who have risk assessed the walks, know the terrain and the route, and can provide help for any of the walkers who experiences any difficulty. We also feature a coach trip and walk to places further afield a couple of times each year.  Most walks finish with an optional lunch at a local pub or café where the group can continue to socialise; but you are welcome just to bring a packed lunch if you prefer.  We aim to make our walks as accessible to as many older people as possible so we don’t do very challenging walks which require lots of hill climbing; the clue is in the name, this is a gentle stroll. None the less, to be safe on all walks we advise participants to wear boots or strong,laced shoes, to carry or wear adverse weather protective clothing and to carry a bottle of water and a piece of fruit or chocolate bar. If you are in any doubt as to whether this activity is suitable for you then please consult your GP in advance.

To find out more, to get the latest walk timetable or to book your place on a walk, please call 0151 330 5678.


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