Could Equity Release Fund Your Future?

Equity release can be used for many things such as home improvements, to supplement income, holidays or as a gift to family

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Could Equity Release Fund Your Future?

A record number of UK property owners agree there’s never been a better time to find out how much value could be freed up from your home.

If you are an over-55 UK homeowner, why not find out today if your equity could be the key to making your financial ambitions a reality.

We have partnered with award-winning equity release specialists Responsible Equity Release

Find out how much equity you could release with their no obligation, FREE to use, online calculator. Results within seconds, no credit checks required. They will send you a copy of their guide via post and email.

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How Does Equity Release Work?

There is more than one way to release equity from your property.

Some people will decide to sell and downsize, but what if you don’t want to let go of your home?

A Lifetime Mortgage could be the answer.

  • If you’re a homeowner aged 55 or over your house value may mean you are asset rich
  • With a lifetime mortgage you could choose to release a portion of this built up value
  • And release tax-free capital in a safe and flexible way

Equity release with a Lifetime Mortgage allows homeowners to take advantage of the value of their home while retaining full ownership.

If you are looking for a way to harness the potential of your property wealth, then why not have a free, no-obligation discussion with a member of Responsible’s Information Team.

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Or, contact Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton to discuss how we can be of help.

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Why is equity release so popular:

Equity release provides a way to access that wealth, without selling your property. There are many reasons more and more UK homeowners are exploring this option:

  • The cash you release is tax-free
  • You retain full ownership of your home
  • No need to make monthly repayments
  • And you can access your property wealth to spend as you please

Customers choose to release equity for many reasons:

  • Home or garden improvements
  • Paying off an existing mortgage*
  • Buying a new car or caravan
  • Helping with day to day costs
  • A holiday of a lifetime
  • Paying off credit cards
  • Gifting money to loved ones
  • Paying for a home care

Why Responsible Equity Release

Responsible Equity Release have been providing the nation’s over-55 homeowners with quality later life financial solutions since 2010.

Like us, they are passionate about what they do and combine modern financial solutions with good old-fashioned customer service. 

Responsible Equity Release have a nationwide team of equity release experts on hand, ready to discuss your needs and wants for your financial future. All the providers they recommend are approved by the Equity Release Council, meaning that all customer-focused safeguards come as standard. 

This expertise is vital as accessing some of the equity from your home with a Lifetime Mortgage may affect the value of your estate and your entitlement to means-tested state benefits. Plans are available that can help you to mitigate these impacts.

The Process

  1. Contact Responsible Life’s Information Team
    • Responsible Life’s Information Team are here to provide you with initial estimates, facts and figures and, if ready, arrange a free no-obligation appointment with a local adviser.
  1. Have a no-obligation face-to-face appointment
    • One of Responsible Life’s fully qualified equity release specialists will visit you for a face-to-face appointment to run through a personal illustration and help you choose the right plan.
    • This is also completely free, and you are not committed at this point.
  1. Make an application
    • If you decide to proceed with Responsible Life’s recommendation, then your adviser will be on hand to assist with the completion of the application form and associated paperwork.
    • Once all the paperwork is completed, the lender will arrange for your property to be surveyed, after which you will receive your mortgage offer.
  1. Receive your tax-free cash
    • A solicitor of your choosing will talk you through the terms and conditions of your offer in detail before you commit to anything.
    • After that, your solicitor will arrange for your plan to complete and transfer the funds to you, after any secured charges and mortgages have been cleared. Unless you have had to pay for the initial survey, only at this stage will you need to pay any fees.

Find out how much you could release today:

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This is a Lifetime mortgage which may reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means tested state benefits. To understand the features and risks please ask Responsible Equity Release to provide a personalised illustration.

Responsible Equity Release is a trading style of Responsible Life Limited. Responsible Life Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Services register ( under reference 610205. Registered office: Unit 8, ABC Killinghall Stone Quarry, Ripon Road, Harrogate, HG3 2BA. Registered in England & Wales. Company number 7162252.

Only if you choose to proceed and your case completes will Responsible Life Limited charge an advice fee, currently not exceeding £1,295.

*With an equity release plan you must be able to release enough equity from your property to completely pay off any outstanding mortgage or loan secured on the property.


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