Gas and Electricity – your energy bills makes a difference

A donation of £40 will be made to the charity when you switch


Gas and Electricity – your energy bills makes a difference

Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton are working with Ecotricity to provide gas and electricity to our customers.  Ecotricity are a unique energy company. Utilising the money from customers electric and gas bills to fund the development of new sources of renewable energy. Ecotricity use electricity and gas made from renewable sources – electricity is made from the elements, the Wind, the Sun and the Sea – and all the green gas we supply comes with a shale Frack Free Promise. By joining ecotricity more green energy sources can be built.

Eco power for the home, your business or on the road

  • Great customer service: ecotricity topped the 2014 Which? Customer Satisfaction survey.
  • Simple tariff – one for electricity and one for gas and one price for all customers – no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay (including customers on pre-payment meters)
  • A donation of £40 made to charity when you switch.

Call Diane on 0151 236 4440 for further information.