Residential Care Home

A nursing home specialising in functional mental health care for older people

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Residential Care Home

The Hamlets is a nursing home for 30 older people with mental health conditions which mean that they need high levels of care and support to live a fulfilling life. The Hamlets building is located in Mersey Parks, 99 Mill Street, L8 5XW.

The Hamlets is a highly specialised facility and is able to care effectively for older people (50+) who have a functional mental health diagnosis via highly trained, caring and empathic staff who provide around the clock care and support

We care for people with conditions such as paranoia, schizophrenia, Korsakov’s Syndrome, severe depression etc. Referrals are usually made by a Psychiatrist rather than people being self-referred into the home.

Despite the severity of the conditions that people come to us with, we have an excellent record of helping people to recover sufficiently to be able to “step down” into using community support and so live more independent life. Some residents, however, never recover sufficiently to live in the external community, but The Hamlets enables these residents to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible within the care home setting.

‘The staff are nice and very friendly. I really get treated with respect here.’

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You can view our latest CQC report below: 

Inspection Report May 2021


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