Pendant Alarms for Elderly People

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Pendant Alarms for Elderly People

Our partners, Progress Lifeline, are an award-winning personal alarm and telecare services provider, with over 30 years’ experience making a positive difference to their 50,000 customers.

They provide personal pendant alarms, linked telecare services and 24 hour remote monitoring to help you, or a loved one, remain living independently, feeling safe and confident, both in and outside, of your home.

Their services can help and support people with a range of health conditions such as dementia and those at risk of falls. Sensors and devices are available which provide alerts and, in some cases, GPS location.

Here are a few Progress Lifeline products and services that can help give peace of mind to you and your family:

  • The Lifeline Vi unit and pendant is a quick and simple way of getting help at the press of a button if you have an accident or emergency in the home. The pendant automatically detects falls and can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Both the unit and pendant have a red button which can also be pressed when assistance is needed. The unit then connects through to the alarm response centre, where an operator will assist and arrange for help.
  • For vulnerable patients, such as those living with dementia or chronic conditions, Progress Lifeline personal alarmsand range of home safety sensors and health and wellbeing sensors will help them patients safely at home. The products are all connected to a 24/7 monitoring service so help is close at hand.
  • The Footprint GPS alarm and falls detector is ideal for those who want to remain independent outside of the home. It is an automatic falls detector that contains a built-in SIM card, allowing it to record GPS signal so we can know where someone is, should they need assistance. The button can also be pressed to start a two-way call with the response centre, for reassurance and to request assistance.
  • 24/7 help is always available through Progress Lifeline’s alarm response centre who manage all incoming alerts, as well as through their Emergency Home Response service. Home responders are trained and have specialist equipment to help patients back up after a fall if they are uninjured. They can request NHS assistance if required.

To find out more, call us on 0151 330 5678.